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About Me

The Vigilant Copyeditor You Need

I was born and raised in good ol' Grand Island, Nebraska. As a Midwesterner, it would have been simple to frame my interests around the farm life or football season, but I fixated on another affair that effortlessly stitched itself into my soul. Starting at a mere six months old, my mother—now a retired English teacher—sewed the seeds that would gift me an irrefutable passion for the written word. With each year that passed, anything that came printed on a page became my gospel. No book was safe from me and my devouring eyes. When it came time for college, I chose Northern Arizona University in the ever-mountainous town of Flagstaff. I drank up English lessons and assignments like they were going out of style. Amidst the peak of Covid-19, I graduated ceremonial-less in May of 2020, earning degrees in English—with an emphasis in Creative Writing—French, and Astronomy. Seeking the Midwest life I once had, I ventured back to the heartland and am now a proud Copyeditor at Flying Ketchup Press in Kansas City, Missouri, and the University of Nebraska Press in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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