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Elpis Editing by Hope Houtwed

Freelance Copyeditor in Kansas City, Missouri

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About Elpis Editing

It's wonderful to meet you! My name is Hope Houtwed and I am a Copyeditor at Flying Ketchup Press in Kansas City, Missouri, and the University of Nebraska Press in Lincoln, Nebraska. Of all things, reading, writing, editing fiction are what ignite a blazing fire deep in my chest. I have been dancing with the written word long before I was aware and my heart has yet to ache for a reprieve. It is my happiness and my serenity. Gift me your work and I will show you that I am passionate about the future of storytelling and what your imagination has to say. 

"Story" is such an intricate affair, isn't it? The plot, the characters, the setting, the conflict…it all adds up to this matter of "story." As a writer myself, I understand the struggles of developing and executing a good one. Sometimes it almost seems impossible, but you are not alone. I will take your words and burnish them into diamonds. I will make your voice and your vision erupt from each page. Give me a novel and I will give you a legend.


If you choose Elpis Editing, I want you to send me the nitty gritty, the endless errors in spelling, syntax, and grammar malfunctions. I am wholeheartedly devoted to your pesky typos, all of their oddball cousins, and anything in between. My goal in life is to dive headfirst into the production of the prose I know to be newsworthy and suit them up for publication and beyond.

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Available to Copyedit in English and in French

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"​Hope is always my go-to when I need clean, professional editing. Her attentiveness to each piece is admirable and I'm delighted to have found her."

– H. Waisner, Missouri

"Hope is really fun to work with and it was such a relief to rely on her expert copyediting skills to get our fiction drafts clean and in Chicago Style before publishing. Partnering with her on a project never felt like work and I could trust our end product."

– Polly Alice McCann, Managing Editor of Flying Ketchup Press

– E. Harders, Illinois

"If you need someone who will comb through every word with great detail, Hope is your girl. She kept a clear vision of what I wanted, and she genuinely cared about my work as much as I did."

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